Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010

Its a couple of hours till the new year starts 2011. If i'm supposed to pay any attention to the movie 2012, I guess I have a year to do everything that's on my bucket-list and geez I don't think one year is enough for me to get through everything.
So this year i decided not to go for the watch night service at church to usher in the New Year like I have been doing for the past twenty something years, but rather stay home and blog about my 2010 as it ends. So where do I begin, ah yes January 2010.
So January was intense. I began the year signing up for an 8month insurance diploma, during which that time I was involved in collecting data in the Central Region of Ghana for research. So basically January was all work and no play for me. But it also led to my meeting a lovely young lady which has led to a very interesting friendship.
Then came February which marked then end off my research and also marked the beginning of someone I love and care about deeply not talking to me for 8months straight. Glad to say that part is over.
It was or is supposed to be the love month but I guess cupid skipped a house or maybe died before reaching mine. ooh yes I stop going to church around this time.
Nothing really happens in march so I guess we will skip that, no offense to people born in march.
AAAh next up is April, the month which I was born. The month that starts the Zodiac calender. Fast forwarding to my birthday April 10, I woke up feeling empty inside. Empty in the sense I looked back at my twenty something years off existence and realized I had not really accomplished much and felt really low. The day ended with yours truly at home watching a crappy Ghana Music Awards show which resulted to a little blog war. lol!!
Just when I thought things were gonna go well May through August brought about a very dark time in my life I prefer not to talk about. All I can say is I wouldn't wish anything like that to happen to anyone ever.
October through to November was all fun. Just having loads of fun. Meeting interesting people, bar hopping etc. life was just easy, not worrying but just living as if there was no tomorrow.
DECEMBER!!!!! Christmas!! everyone loves december. everyone's cheerful happy about the holidays. And yes lots of carry over holidays this December. This particular year I was and still so excited because most off my really close friends where going to be in town. 23rd of december started my christmas campaign but the following morning saw this come to an end when i got involved in a motor accident and its costing me an arm and a leg to get it fixed. hmmm!!!!
Its now 31st December 2010 11:54pm exactly and I am wondering how 2011 is going to be like. The things I am most grateful for in 2010
1. My life
2. My Family
3. My Friends

Hoping 2011 brings greater things and so much more.



Daixy said...

Happy New Year Bonti! Here's hoping your 2011 is just as it should be. That all the troubles of yesteryear are forgiven and forgotten and that you find what you're looking for.

Sending hugs and much love your way, God Bless.

B.O.N.T.I said...

@daixy Happy New Year!!!