Thursday, September 10, 2009

ITEM-13: The Fight for the Last Pastry

I wasn't going to write about this initially... i was going to talk "Payola" which i am gonna do tomorrow. So back to this post. I am sure you are wondering what ITEM-13 is?
"" You know when you attend a conference/workshop or seminar. after the talk or whatever, there are like pastries,biscuits,drinks etc ie reception... that's if the seminar provides that for its attendants if not tell your company to start...hahahaha. Well in Ghana that's what we call ITEM-13="pastries..small chops is a Ghanaian slang for savories etc"
Its the last "item" or "agenda" in the program line up so that's how it got its Anyway enough intro lets get to business.. So today's post begins with
Mr. L

Mrs B

So yesterday the people i work for or should i say volunteer with had one of their numerous public lectures and yes you are right we had Item-13 for the guests and the staff. Well you know how Ghanaians get when they hear free food.. its all sanity out the door and welcome Mr. Caveman. During the course of the reception where almost everyone is being greedy, not surprised... Mr. L goes over to Mrs. B after having collected his share of Item-13 and tells Mrs. B that
Miss N

who for some weird reason everybody well not everybody but most people hate at work asked Mr. L to go pick up her share of Santa's gifts and bring it over to the office.
1. Miss N was not at the seminar so automatically she doesn't deserve any savories.
Mrs. B then asks Mr. L which Miss N is he referring to.
Fast Forwarding

We pack the rest of the stuff to Mrs. B's office, with the intention that the rest of the savories are going to be put in the fridge so it doesn't go bad, after which they will be given to maintenance staff to motivate them clean up the room used for the reception. Mr. L walks into the office and asked Mrs. B if he could please have a word with her outside. She starts walking out the door when Mr. L says he wasn't pleased with the way she talked to him when he came over during the reception to request for some pastries for Miss. N and saying that she embarrassed him in front of people. Mrs.B then said she didn't think she made a mistake by asking the question. After a few words back and forth Mr. L changed his tone and started hurling insults at Mrs. B saying
1. Mrs. B is keeping some of the savories so she and her family can share
2. His wife (Mrs.L) can even cook better than what they have over there
3. Mrs. B has no right to do what she doing because its not her money
4. The next time there is a program He(Mr. L) will stand next to the reception table to make sure that all the savories are finished so that Mrs. B will not have any to take home.
5. He (Mr. L) will report to the committee so that Mrs. B does not hold any position in terms off catering for receptions etc.
Now Mrs. B in shock turns to a colleague of mine and says "This is what I was telling you about... people will come and say stuff like i am hoarding stuff"
Mrs. B then says
1. If I didn't supervise the reception everything would have gone bad and her name will be ruined and asked Mr. L if that he could have handled it better (rhetorically).
2. She also tells him that he Mr. L is a man and men don't fight over food.
3. Getting even heated Mrs. B says Mr. L is a Bush man...etc
Now Mrs. B is so pissed off and says to my colleague that she Mrs. B is not going to handle any reception ever again. and walks straight to one Dr. O to report the incident..well that's when i leave for home coz i didn't want to get caught up in any drama about who said what and who did what.
Upon reaching home i spoke to my boss and she said it went on for a while.

So whatz going through your mind.
Ever had any experiences?

Up next 'Payola'