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The journey from Zero to Hero is hard to accomplish anywhere in the world for a fashion designer, actor/actress, an artist etc, but nonetheless business-minded individuals are coming up with ways and means to reach fame and stardom, not the kind where only the people in your neighbourhood know, or the kind of stardom that has a push from the snowman. Lol!!!

So today we are going to look into the life of an upcoming designer hoping to break into the so-called tough market. This market that has been dominated by Fashion bigwigs such as Oswald Boateng, Armani, Jimmy Choo, Kofi Ansah, Ababio etc

What are the unique things they've done to break them into the Fashion world and kept them there? Some would say it's the household name that's selling themselves etc.. But my question is "How did they become that household name when it comes to fashion?"

Here is an interview with up and coming Ghanaian Fashionista
Sefakor Gbewonyo

Kspider: Tell us about yourself, whole package if you know what I mean?
Sefakor: I would rather make it brief.
The name is Sefakor Gbewonyo, born on Tuesday 9/07/1985 to Vincent and Cecilia Gbewonyo. I spent my childhood in Koforidua, Cape Coast and Accra. I had the major part of my schooling years in Cape Coast where I was a product of OLA Boarding School and Wesley Girls High School. I continued in K.N.U.S.T to study B.A Communication Designs.
I love people and easily associate, I speak a bit of French.
I love to be creative.

Kspider: What is your trend of Fashion called?
Sefakor: The Slipper Collection is Sepha and the Scarf line is Bernice Herman by Sepha.

Kspider: So as a child did you have any idea/plans of being a designer?
Sefakor: I would not call it ideas or plans, I say this because I only have a natural flair for being creative. When I was a child I used to draw on the painted walls of my father's living room, my mum often got upset and I was sometimes given a paint and a brush to repaint, I guess I was already forming the creative habits then, and whiles in school I drew in the government text books till I was asked to bring my own copies. LOL! I drew in my friends text books too because they often got excited about my drawings. I continued to study design right to my University Education. Looking back I think it wasn't really a plan, It just happened.

Kspider: How did you get started and where do you draw your Inspiration from?
Sefakor: How did I get started? ? Well I actually started with my slipper line SEphA, I used to watch a man back in school do his own thing(slippers), so during my holidays from school I asked him to make a few to give to my friends and family back at home. My family and friends would often get excited and ask for more, that was just how it started. After sometime I thought about adding a few designs to make it more beautiful, then I resulted in using fabric. One afternoon after my fabric hunt I made a beautiful scarf out of it and everyone seemed to admire it so I did more and then I did more and here I am still doing more.
I think it's just my love for fashion and creative thinking.

Kspider: What makes your sense of style and designs for your label, different/unique from the countless fashion statements out there?
Sefakor: The difference is my love for variety and lushness which I try to inculcate in my designs to tie up the fashion statement.

Kspider: Readers would want to know how many of the same scarves/slippers do you make in a collection because you know people will like to stand out and be the only ones to have specific items/accessories?
Sefakor: I totally agree with you, I'll hate to walk out the door looking all fabolous and I have some replica, it kills! So I try to make few designs of the same type and when its off the shelve that's it. If a fan is dying to have one it'll rather be a 10% chance they'll get a replica.

Kspider: Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?
: Mmm!! well I see SEphA in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas you name it.
Kspider: Do you plan on branching out into something more than slippers and scarves?
Sefakor: The creative mind is always at work.

Kspider: What were the challenges you faced getting your design on a roll and what are some of the current challenges?
Sefakor: I would say kudos to all who have made it straight up in starting any business venture, Its pretty much not easy,talk about raw materials, and the whole packaging thing, it's really tough getting stuff like that in our part of the world. It takes real digging up and experiments to get the best for a product.

Kspider: Talking about challenges what do your parents think about SEphA?
Sefakor: My parents were not quite shocked that I started this, to them it was another Sefa's innovation. They were excited though but it was so normal that I had thought about something nice to do, they gave me all the support I needed and they still do.

Kspider: What african and international platforms are you targeting to showcase your designs?
Sefakor: Hey! Take it slow with me! LoL for now I am thinking of making designs for my fans to wear and look pretty!! It kind of puts a smile on my face, which urges me on. When I do think about showcasing my designs anywhere on International or any platform for that matter you and my fans will be the first to know, for now SEphA is still growing.

Kspider: Are you generating any sort of revenue?
Sefakor: For now I would say not really.

Kspider: Is it a full time job?
Sefakor: For now yes it is.

Kspider: So what is your opinion on the current fashion trend in Ghana?
Sefakor: It's fabolous, I think Ghanaians are doing great! We've got talent here and I think we are making a great use of it. I would like to acknowledge ReneeQ, Christie Brown, Kofi Ansah, PKOG, Ben, etc a whole lot of them. They are really making our motherland proud.

Kspider: So who is your favourite Ghanaian designer?
Sefakor: I think I have favourites not just one.

Kspider: Have you thought about ways to market and expand Ghanaian fashion internationally?
Sefakor: Yes I actually have and as I mentioned earlier it's just the beginning for SEphA.

Kspider: Final question, I am sure readers out there are dying to know how much the scarves and slippers go for $?
Sefakor: In USD(Us Dollar) Bernice Herman Scarves range from $3 to $50 plus depending on the kind of fabric, design and size whereas SEphA slippers range fro $10 to $20 plus depending on the design and leather used.

I guess you've heard it all from SEphA, she is "Bringing today's woman, the best in quality fashion accessories at an affordable price(s)."
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