Sunday, November 21, 2010

Relevance 1

Dont you hate it when you hear something or you've been told about something great, fun , interesting whatever only just to be disappointed. Yea disappointed coz you dont see the connection to whatever you've heard to what you've seen. It really bugs me, why ? coz u raise my expectation only to crush it.
Asem came out with a song Pigaro and Gh went all WOW!!! It was something new, one could say a bit refreshing from the super mario instrumental type songs we've been hearing. So there was some talk about a video that was gonna blow our minds only to find out Pigaro 1-5 was just another video with no concept. If pigaro is a dance, what type of dance is it?

Couple of years down the line and Gh Self-proclaimed Diva Eazzy drops Wengeze!!
OMG!!! chale chale!!! Banging track kraah..This trackz got all da dem girls shaking something. I'm like this one dier itz gotta have a Sick Ass video..

WTF!! x2 Aaaah not again.. the video comes out only to find eazzy doing borborrbor, dressed up like Terry Bon-chaka. Talk abt disappointment paaah. Watz with da wengeze. chale catch ma eye small erh.. The only interesting/cool thing abt the video is the silhouette. chale on point.

Thinking all the crappy ass songs/videos are over, I stumble across a track from Praye recently "New Dance" aka "Getoge" The song is talking abt doing a new dance.. hold ur waist with ur two hands and do the dance..WTF!! after listening to the track expectation level like 4.

Yep and I was right. Ok video but what happened to the new dance. Replayed the song like 5 times trying to figure out which part of the video da New dance featured in. SMH!!

Only in Ghana!!!