Saturday, October 11, 2008

traffic woes in Accra?? chapter 1: Gv 713 Q

Driving in Ghana can be very stressful...Itz seems lyk everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere, and makes you wonder...!!!! is there a free promotion going on somewhere that you do not know about?
Basically every driver in ghana seems to know more about the driving rules than the 'DVLA'.... Most of the blame is centered around Trotro Drivers, Taxi Drives and Truck Drivers....lots of people say they drive recklessly and are the cause of all if not most of the accidents we have in the country, but i have witnessed, certain so called posh people who tend to think they are better of than anyone else, because they wear 5$ suits or own cars and thus are by far better off than Trotro drivers etc,.... committing all sorts of driving offence.... This is not tryn to say that public drivers are blameless, basically all I'm tryn to say is the private drivers shld take some responsibility for accidents and traffic caused in our country. I mean if people wld just stick to the lanes they are in and not try to find shortcuts where there aren't any and learn to give people way when and if they ask properly i think everything would move smoothly on the roads of accra..if you use the legon road frequently i believe you wld understand what i'm talking about.......Something funny happened to me recently..... i was on my way back from Akosombo and as i approached the toll booth, various number of cars passed by the side of the road and so i ask one government driver who was tryn to cut into my lane from the side by sayn " do you think what you are doing is right? and then he starts begging and pleads with me to let him pass through. so i say no and make him aware off the wrong thing that he is doing... he gets angry and says Me ye too known... meaning that i think that i'm all that. ................... and goes on to say i shld fold the road and take it home if i'm not going to give him way'... can u believe this guy..... to be continued

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Do you all remember how it felt like when you first went to Senior Secondary School.....huh!!! yea if you are thinking about what i'm thinking about it must have been horrible right... the green horns.... fresh blood..... all the names they give to first year students.....The moment you enter the school gates, its a whole new life. New friends,adjusting your characteristic so you get on the good side of the teaching, friends, seniors and if there are any...bullies... All knowledge acquired prior to SSS life is wiped out off your mind.... and to fit in as i once said you need to have the coolest of sneakers and a "back pack"....... how interesting.....but the actual memories start coming to you when have finished school and you decide to take a trip down memory lane and visit your alma mater..... Nino's nite if your school ever had any..... how silly you looked when you first arrived..... Rec's nite.....proving to the ladies that your were you move towards your second year and maybe girls start taking notice of you or you start taking notice of orders to juniors and also not forgetting your are partially a junior yourself....Then your final year approaches....the moment you have been waiting for....Total control of your eyes open you cant believe all these things happened to you in just three begin to say these were the best memories of your life....

Friday, October 3, 2008

Past.....Present.....Dont Know About the Future..........

Never thought i'ld have much fun at the old-skul!!!!!!!! Honestly.... having seen lotz of friendz from way back....... itz amazing how after school we all seem to get along even with our differences back!!!! wld u actually call them differences... We had "cliques" and "gangz" if u wld call them that....krazie huh!! to be cool and be on point as we say in Gh....and in my school u had to have the best "kickz" latest school bags... and have a good amount of knowledge in the entertainment world....Lol!!! guess we have gone past the Past and we are enjoying the present.... but what wld happen to us in the Future, our friendship made over da years, will people drop out off our life without no explanations.....