Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did He or Did He Not-The Appietus Saga?

Hey blogsville!!!Happy New Year!

So if you guys remember I did a piece[] on sampling sometime around December 14th last year. It was about a Cabo Snoop song titled "Windeck" and a track by Zigi from Lynx Entertainment titled "You sey wey tin". I'm not against sampling. Sampling as I said earlier, it is an essential part of the music industry today. A lot of people sample worldwide, the issue is whether the originators of the song are being given credit for the work. If they aren't, then it becomes a big problem. Even the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye West have sampled beats and phrases from different artistes. But none of them have stolen virtually the entire song and tried to pass it off as their own making.

So did Appietus steal/sample the song for 5five's "Move Back"? The way I see it I'd say they did.
After listening to to this track by DJ CNDO released sometime in 2009

and that of 5five can you honestly say that Appietus didn't steal the instrumental?

When asked about this, He said "there is nothing wrong with sampling other musical works" and yes he's totally right about that. There is a possibility that somewhere in this wonderful place we call earth someone is also sampling Appietus's instrumentals.

I think he should just admit and be honest that he stole the beat, and was counting on the fact that most Ghanaians aren't open-minded enough to listen to diverse music from other countries or different genres unless its from Yankee(USA) or from Nigeria.

If we conduct a survey to find out the number of Ghanaians who listen to foreign music excluding those from the USA or Nigeria I have a feeling the pie-chart would be very disappointing.

Back to the topic. Appietus played it very smart when he said "What is stealing if you give credit? The boys have not even released their album, so that one can conclude that they have failed to acknowledge the source of the sampled beat, he urged, advising people should wait for the album before they start talking."

Obviously since he was unlucky and he got caught he's going to now give credit to DJ Cndo. What if he wasn't caught, would he have given DJ Cndo credit or would he have passed the beat off as his own? We all know the answer to that.

People we need to be more creative because we as a people lack that alot.