Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ghana Music Awards 2010 (An Award Show Or A Variety Show)

This was written before the GMA's took place. I didn't want to post it but upon reading
http://www.mightyafrican.blogspot.com today I just thought it would be a good idea to put it up.

Another year is upon us and once again, we welcome the Ghana Music Award’s (GMA). I should be excited but unfortunately I’m one off the few Ghanaian's who are not too happy about the GMA. I don’t want to get into the awards in details about how I feel about it. That will be expressed after the show. Let’s just focus on the main event and forget about the side shows.

Let me work my way to what I believe a boring GMA 2010 by starting with GMA 2009.
Celebrating 10years of exceptional Ghanaian music if I am right. First of all the Mc’s dragged the show for far too long. How can you have a show with such boring Mc’s please one year of Samini was enough but to give him two that’s just plain torture. Sorry to say but who in God’s name asked Obour to be an Mc? Question: Was there a shortage of people who could do the job? Was Obour the only person they could pick? Geez?

With GMA 2010 it’s said, that if we want to find out who the MC is or are, we would have to come to the show to find out. Honestly tell me people, would you want to waste 50GHC to find out that, the MC for the GMA is another Obour type person. I guess that would be a waste of money. No offense Obour.

What the heck was DJ Black doing? Isn’t he supposed to be the “BEST” dj in GH? If so I ask again what the HECK happened to him at the award show. Playing the wrong tunes at the wrong time or should I say right time. How can you be introducing someone to the stage that’s Ghanaian and you are playing foreign type songs. Where is the respect for the Ghanaian Artist who have supposedly composed good tunes and Dj Black is busy playing Foreign type tunes to introduce Ghanaian people. Even introducing the guest artiste wouldn’t it be appropriate to play and instrumental if their tune but instead we get Western type of music being played.

Sorry Mr. Tumtum but I guess GMA 2010; you should hang up your Head set for another Dj to try something different. So we can judge the vast variety of Dj’s we have in Ghana.

I have to point out one thing about the actual award show even though I said I was not going to talk about it. But writing this has got me thinking about that particular award “Hip hop Song of the Year”.
I had no knowledge of the fact that we actually had a genre in Ghana called Hip-hop, if I am not mistaken the “Godfather” of hiplife merged Hip-hop and our unique African tune Highlife to make it hiplife.

I really find it amazing, amusing and at the same time Entertaining when we have guest artiste coming to grace the GMA. One thing I have noticed over the years is the lack of appreciation on the part of we the audience and the Ghanaian population in general towards these guests. If my memory serves me right we’ve been honored with the presence of Blu3 from Uganda, D’banj, Wande Coal, Ikechukwu and Naeto C from Nigeria, Ja-rule from USA etc. What have we done to show our appreciation, nothing I suppose. Taking you back a couple of years when Blu3 were in Ghana, crowd response ZERO. Moving forward to about two years ago Ja-rule in Ghana crowd response semi-impressive. Going back to just last year D’banj and his Mo-hit squad doing their thing and the crowd response is appalling. Seriously the only song that the crowd responded to that day was falling in love by D’banj. Seriously are we Ghanaians not enlightened about music and I’m not talking of just music in Ghana but in Africa and the world also. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw little or no affection for our guest artiste till they heard a song they knew. What happened to sensitization of other music from across the globe especially Africa. The funny thing is after the music awards about six to eight months down the line everyone is so into D’banj and Wande Coal. If I was to put a wager and asked anyone what D’banj’s first album was I’m sure I would leave with my money.

Bringing you back to GMA 2010 I have no doubt that crowd would definitely go wild wanting to listen Wande Coal and Doneo, but how many songs will they perform that’s my Question ? I guess maybe Wande might do Bumper to Bumper for the crowd but what about the other songs on his album. If he is allowed to do two songs will the crowd be able to sing along. Same goes for Doneo with his hit “Party Hard” what about songs like ‘Ten Ten’ from Wande Coal or ‘be mine’ from Doneo etc. New to the Ghanaian scene is South African Group Jozi. What feeling will they leave Ghana with since it will be their first time performing in the country? How is the crowd going to respond to them? I doubt there has been any air play of their songs. If there has what impact has it made on the Ghanaian people. I think they are going to be shock when they find out that the crowd are watching them like something is wrong somewhere.

Enough said about my feelings towards the Ghana Music Awards. If I say anymore I would probably sound like a Nagging wife or a broken record. Lets see how things Unfold. I promise I will bring you a comparison off last year’s awards and this years when everything is over and done with.

NB: any grammar errors blame it on the........?

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Like New Years we celebrate our birthdays once a year. Each new year, we have resolutions, how we want our lives to turn out and what things we want to acomplish.

We go through the year most if not all the time not acomplishing. So it is for birthdays, year after year we make wishes hoping for better things to come. We wait and wait, most if not all the time whatever we wish for do not materialize.

It got me thinking and i asked myself all these years i have been celebrating my B'day, making wishes etc just wondering which of these wishes ever materialized . Not to sound negative but sometimes you ask yourself "what do you have to show for it?"

I woke up today thinking I am not going to make any wishes but let it just play out. Then I realised that life is fun and I have the privilege to be alive each year and thats the wish we never ask for but we keep getting each year.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So Guy calls his "GF" and tells her, He's bought two blackberries and said he was coming over to give one to her. She calls her friends and tells them her "BF" just bought her a Blackberry. So

guy gets over there and shows her, his Blackberry

and then she asks for hers, all jittery. The guy gives her a black ploy bag ( Ewiasi y3 sum ). She opens it and finds one bag of Blackberries (the fruit).

The guy didnt lie, he bought blackberries only that his was the phone and hers was the fruit