Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm an African

I had a really fun weekend. It started out with fifa 11 yea yea I know... then it went to playing squash which left me with lots of aches and pains. Finally when i decided to go to bed, I check my facebook page and twitter to say gudnyt to my lovely #twitfam and pals on the #Fbook, I noticed peeps where talking about a beauty pageant(Miss.Malaika) and the hilarious things some of the girls where saying.
So I turn on my Tv and decided to watch for a while. So many hilarious things were said but that will be discussed in a follow piece. Right now i want to dwell on a question that was asked to 5 of the contestants who made it to the final round, the make or break round.

Q. Who is an African, what makes you an African, Is it your Country or your Colour?

So i asked myself the same question who is an african and what makes me one. I said to myself, this is a really tough question. It is a bit difficult to answer that without sounding racist. To me an african is not defined by their colour. Obviously their (Contestants)trip to Egypt didn't educate them enough. I guess either they missed all the lighter skinned africans or maybe they thought they were tourist coming to explore the african deserts and pyramids. But seriously so what makes me an african. I was born and still live in Africa that's if i'm looking at it from a simple view, and no i dont live on!!!!

I read somewhere that to being an African means that you must be committed to Africa and its future well-being. Well i guess it makes more sense than what the Malaika ladies were saying.(An African is someone who is likes african food, someone who is black!!!!! etc)
What about foreigners who care or are committed to Africa and its progress, should we call them Africans too?

This is what wikipedia had to say:

The African continent is home to many different ethnic groups and people of wide-ranging phenotypical traits, both indigenous and foreign to the continent. Many of these populations have diverse origins, with differing cultural, linguistic and social traits and mores. Distinctions within Africa's geography, such as the varying climates across the continent, have also served to nurture diverse lifestyles among its various populations. The continent's inhabitants live amidst deserts and jungles, as well as in modern cities across the continent.
Wow I like the way the put it saying we leave amidst deserts and jungles carefully highlighted, as well as modern cities across the continent.

I guess the definition of an African that i would stick to probably would be someone born in Africa, of African descent, committed to the well being and progress of Africa, understands its unique culture and appreciate it's diversity and acknowledges it's problems with a vision for a brighter future.

Deadprez take on being an African

Well Malaika is over and done with, waiting for Miss Ghana this weekend. Really wanna know what wise things that are gonna be said on the show. Lets just hope they do better than Malaika girls or else we just have to scrap beauty pageants till it becomes both beauty and intellectually entertaining.

**Focus on the info not the "Gbaaament"****

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